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Keep Off the Pounds with a Healthy Holiday Meal Plan

December 20, 2016

For many people holiday weight gain is inevitable. According to The New York Times, on average, most people gain only one pound during winter months. However, most people never lose that one pound, and each successive year, those pounds begin to add up. The news is even worse... read more

31 Super Quick & Easy Meals for December

December 6, 2016

I don’t know about you but once November hits, I feel like I’m out of bed running every single day until the end of the holiday season. Between baking, decorating, shopping, sending Christmas cards, planning, and traveling, there’s little time left in... read more

Discipline Thyself: 5 Tips for Staying Active During the Holidays

November 17, 2016

For many people, November and December are the busiest months of the year. With the approaching holidays and all the cooking, planning, shopping, and entertaining of the season, it can be a real struggle to stay active and exercise. Even if you have a regular exercise routine in... read more

Tips for Preparing Fall Vegetables & a November Meal Plan

November 8, 2016

With fall in full swing, the weather is cooling off and visions of hearty soups and chowders may be dancing in your head. This month, fresh produce is beginning to taper off as freezing temperatures enter the forecast, so you won’t find nearly the selection you... read more

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

October 27, 2016

Halloween should be a fun adventure for our children. Dressing up in a favorite costume and walking from house to house in search of candy and treats -- what could be more exciting! But trick-or-treating can be precarious if precautions aren’t taken and plans made to... read more