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5 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Colonoscopy in November

Rachel Morrell

5 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Colonoscopy in November

Is it really November already? Yes! The holidays are upon us, and there’s no denying that the year is coming to an end. And while you may be preoccupied with planning for family gatherings and travel, it is important to make your health a top priority. Hopefully, you’ve had your annual health exam, dental appointments and eye exams this year. But have you taken the time to schedule a colonoscopy?

Although it is preventable with regular colonoscopies, colon cancer affects 1 out of every 20 Americans. If that statistic isn’t enough to convince you to call and make a screening appointment today, here are five more reasons you should schedule your colonoscopy during the month of November.

Getting a colonoscopy is a way to give thanks

What better way to give thanks for another year of health than to have a colonoscopy? Think of all the loved ones you are thankful for and who bring you joy. They are counting on you to schedule your preventative screenings so you can spend many more holidays together. The best gift you can give them is a clean bill of health.

Scheduling procedures at the end of the year is a good way to maximize your benefits if you have already met your deductible

A deductible is a set amount of money you are required to pay out-of-pocket before insurance starts to cover your medical expenses. Do you know if you have met your deductible yet? If you are close to meeting your annual deductible or have already met it, now is the time to schedule your colonoscopy and other necessary screenings and procedures. Beginning January 1, your deductible will reset to zero, so don’t let time get away from you.

The Thanksgiving holiday gives you some extra time to get your procedure completed

Because a colonoscopy requires a day of preparation, it can be helpful to schedule it near a long weekend. If you get your procedure done before the holiday, you can have some extra days to recuperate. You probably are not looking forward to the clear liquid diet, but you will have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to, and it will more than make up for that fasting day!

November is National Caregivers Month, so it is the perfect time to schedule screenings

Every November, we set aside time to celebrate men and women who act as caregivers to elderly parents and loved ones. Do you have a relative or parent who needs a colonoscopy? You can celebrate National Caregivers Month by scheduling a procedure for a loved one and accompanying him or her to the appointment. Remember, everyone who has a colonoscopy needs a temporary “caregiver” on the day of the procedure. The sedative will not wear off for several hours, so it is not safe for the patient to drive home.

Getting a colonoscopy in November frees up the month of December for family events

It is wishful thinking to expect that life will slow down after Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is the gateway into the busyness of the holiday season, so schedule your colonoscopy as soon as possible. Remember, doctors take vacations too, so appointment availability between now and December 31 will be limited.

It is always a good time to get a colonoscopy, but it seems especially appropriate during the season of gratitude and thanks. Schedule a colonoscopy for yourself or a loved one this month and bring in the holidays and New Year with health and happiness.

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