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5 Things that Hurt Worse than a Colonoscopy

Rachel Morrell

5 Things that Hurt Worse than a Colonoscopy

The “C” word… everyone fears it, but is a colonoscopy really are as scary as everyone says it is?

The answer is probably not. Colonoscopies have become almost like an urban legend in our culture, stigmatized as one of the most painful and embarrassing medical procedures available. In actuality, colonoscopies are a painless procedure providing valuable information about your health.

Here’s a list of things that hurt worse than a colonoscopy:

1. A hangnail
2. A cavity
3. Stubbing your toe
4. A sunburn
5. Getting a tattoo

So buck up, first-time colonoscopy friends! You are going to be ok. That same person who told you how a colonoscopy nearly killed them is probably that same friend who warned you about the “deadly chain letter” and that drinking soda with pop rocks will make you explode!

The truth is that colonoscopies save lives every day because colon cancer can be prevented by routine screenings. If you are 50 years of age or older, it is time for you to get screened. Make an appointment today by calling one of our centers.

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