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Healthy Eating Tips For Memorial Day

Healthy Eating Tips For Memorial Day

Memorial Day Colon HealthMemorial Day is the kickoff for summer barbecue season. That’s a good thing for our palates, but sometimes a bad thing for our digestive systems. A little restraint, however, can go a long way towards your colon enjoying the summer as much as the rest of your body.

First of all, eat charbroiled meat sparingly. Our digestive system handles fruits and vegetables (even those that have been grilled) much easier than it does meat. A hamburger here or hot dog there won’t be a big deal, but a steady diet of them is a fast route to indigestion. There’s also some evidence that grilled meats can increase your risk for colon cancer, another reason to ease up on them.

Quick tip: Eat those grilled vegetables first, and you’ll be less likely to load up on the heavier stuff.

In addition to going easy on the grilled meats, also keep portion control in mind when it comes to chips and other greasy foods, as well as mayo-laden pasta and potato salads. And lastly, if you’ve had a big meal, don’t follow it up with a nap. Get up and take a walk, which will help your digestive system swing into action that much quicker, plus it might help to work off a few of those calories.

By watching what you eat, and keeping your digestive system in balance, you’re guaranteed to have a much healthier start to your summer. But if you’ve overdone it, or are feeling out of sorts when it comes to your intestinal function, it might be time for a doctor’s visit, or even a colonoscopy, to make sure everything’s in working order.

posted on May 28, 2012 in news