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How to Help Family Members Schedule, Receive A Colonoscopy

How to Help Family Members Schedule, Receive A Colonoscopy

Your friend or loved one might know they need to schedule a colon cancer screening or colonoscopy but feel anxiety about penciling the procedure onto their calendar.  There are a few things you can do to help ease their anxiety.

The best thing you can do for your friend and family member is help them be prepared for everything from scheduling the colonoscopy or colon cancer screening to having the actual procedure performed. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Mondays are Best. Preparing for a colonoscopy is a multiple day process with prep and the procedure. Encourage your friend or loved one to do the prep over the weekend and schedule the appointment for a Monday, so they miss only one day of work. In order to ensure a Monday colonoscopy, help them look over the calendar to pick a couple of Mondays that would work.
  2. Gather Information. The scheduler will need information when making the appointment. In order to prevent having to call back or delaying the appointment, make sure your friend or family member has their information like Social Security number and medical insurance carrier information on hand.
  3. Prepare Your Call Time. Most likely your friend and family member will want to schedule their appointment in private. Suggest to them be a little late for work so they wait for the house to empty out before calling. If you can and there is no opposition, try to be there during the call in case your friend or family member gets frazzled or tries to back out. Also, in regards to calling times, remind them that most offices take a lunch and usually close earlier than normal business hours.
  4. Double Check. Last but not least double-checking your appointment date and time is important. Have your friend or loved one repeat the scheduled appointment time to the scheduler and then immediately write it down in a planner or put the date in their phone.  Also, write down their colonoscopy time and date for yourself, so you can help if they lose the information.

Another way to help ease your friend or family member’s mind about the colonoscopy or colon cancer screening is letting them know you will also support them through the prep and the procedure.

There’s lots to do prior to the procedure, including not eating solid food the day or so before the procedure, as well as sticking to clear liquids and avoiding certain medications. This can be challenging for many people, especially senior citizens, so be on hand to offer moral support. You might even show some real solidarity by following the same restrictions.

Also, it’s important to remember that someone receiving a colonoscopy can’t drive themselves home after the procedure, so clear your schedule that day in order to take him or her to and from the surgical center.

Being supportive all the way through the process of a colonoscopy not only benefits your friend or family member; it can also help you become more familiar with the procedure so when it’s your turn, you’ll have the routine down pat.

posted on April 8, 2014 in news