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Study suggests dental plaque may lead to cancer

Study suggests dental plaque may lead to cancer

A recent study examined a group of volunteers to discover if there was a link between oral health and cancer. Researchers kept a record of the amount of plaque on the participants’ teeth and then followed up years later to study a connection to cause of death . The results showed that those who’d died from cancer tended to have more plaque in the earlier study.

Although a correlation was made, there is no research to prove a causal relationship exists between oral hygiene and cancer.  Bad oral hygiene could just be an indicator of poor health, thus causing a higher susceptibility to developing cancer.

Since the study does not take into account other health factors or changes in dental habits over the years, the research does have some drawbacks. However, the connection exists and could prompt further studies to make more of a direct link.

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posted on October 1, 2012 in news