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Colonoscopy Stories

Whether you recently turned 50, have a family history of colon cancer or atypical symptoms that led to your colonoscopy, we're thankful you scheduled the appointment. Colonoscopies are often an uncomfortable topic, but your first person account can encourage others to take this lifesaving step.



from Lincoln, KS

Today I had my first colonoscopy. Although I just turned 30 I had it done because I lost my mother to stage 4 colon cancer when she was 46. The peace of mind I now have is indescribable. Everything went great and I won’t need to have another for 10 years.  I hope that if you are able to have this procedure that you don’t take that chance for granted.  I’m truly happy that I took this step and grateful for the news!

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Rachel - Denver


from Denver, CO

I am one of the many thousands of people who really NEED a colonoscopy and cannot get one because my insurance will not cover a screening - they will only cover a diagnostic colonoscopy. And, as an aside, if someone has a screening and they do find polyps, you bet they have to pay for the removal and exam of those polyps which can be expensive. I am 51, have ulcerative colitis (symptom-free) with a history of precancerous polyps because of the ulcerative colitis. I can’t get a screening DESPITE the fact that I am over 50 and I have...

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Wayne - Saint Louis


from Saint Louis, MO

Because of the length of this experience (6 exams over 16 years) I am enclosing the Word Press links to my ongoing article on my experiences with colonoscopy exams

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Jaime - Hamden


from Hamden, CT

The word colonoscopy was no stranger to my family and I growing up. My maternal grandfather had his colon removed due to cancer in his 70’s, he was lucky enough to find it early enough that he is still here with us today and also the reason my mother and I are too. At 45 my mother had her first colonoscopy after my grandfather’s surgery. At that time she had thirty polyps removed all were tubular adenomas, thankfully, she did this because it saved her life but also began her on a journey of colonoscopies and 2 years ago while...

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from south gate , CA

This is my story at age 27 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’ve been struggling with this for 2 years and I thank God I’m still on my fight for this cause and that this illness is heard on time I did not want this illness it chose me. I learned that I am a strong person and I have the capacity to succeed with effort and determination and beat this .... This was me 3 years and this is me today ... regardless of age, regardless of sex, this illness can happen to anyone and it happened to me and...

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