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Survivor Stories

You say it best. As a colon cancer survivor, your story is an inspiration to all who read it, and the impact it can have is limitless. Thanks for sharing.

Carla - Washington


from Washington, DC

In December 2007, a few days before the holiday. I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. I had always been a healthy eater and exercised, wasn’t over weight nor did I eat red meat. I was 38 yrs old and healthy. In the summer on 2007, I had been experiencing pain in my abdomen and shortness of breath for and most a year. I had gone to a local doctor to see what the issues were. He sent ne home on Vitron-C and told me that I was just anemic. As time went by the symptoms worsen and I ended...

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Daniel  - Aiea


from Aiea , HI

My name is Daniel Shockley and you can share my story which was a feature article for Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii The following link provided:

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Colleen - Vestavia


from Vestavia, AL

I was 43 when diagnosed with colon cancer. I thought I was perfectly healthy until hearing that.  I only had a symptom of blood in my stool and it was enough that alarmed me something was wrong. After a trip to the ER then a colonoscopy where it was discovered.  I had a colon resection and then some chemo and radiation. A few months later started having some neck/headache type pain and the cancer was in my brain.  I had brain surgery to remove that tumor and then had cyberknife radiation and chemo again.  I...

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Lesa - Moline


from Moline, IL

Delivered the cancer diagnoses 1/7/2007.  Stage of cancer initially wrong, given 2 1/2 yrs by local doc.  I went for 2nd opinion…saved my life. God got me where I needed to be and got me through 5 wks chemo and radiation, surgery 5/21/2007,6 more months of chemo. Now 7 1/2 years later I feel so blessed and grateful daily.  My husband and I get to share watching our 2 sons become wonderful men.

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Robin - Henryville


from Henryville, IN

It was a mild breezy spring day in 2013.  I had just hit a tee shot down the left hand side of #1, which made a fortunate bounce into the fairway, leaving me a short iron from the green.  The call I received before hitting that short iron, felt like a very unfortunate bounce into the deep rough, hazard, or maybe even out of bounds.  The doctor said, “Mr. Embry, the pathology report confirms you have cancer”.  About a month before, I had developed a very sharp pain in my side.  My doctor sent me for...

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