Consider the Squatty Potty and Other Gifts to Promote Colon Health

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Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, so purchase holiday gifts that promote colon health.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in every 22 men and one in every 24 women will develop colon cancer during their lifetime. One of the most effective ways to prevent colon cancer is to foster healthy habits like exercising daily, eating a nutritious diet and getting regular colonoscopies. You can help your family members stay colon cancer-free by buying them gifts that support digestive wellness.

Here are three gift ideas that will help your family enjoy better colon health in the coming year:

The Squatty Potty

Most people experience constipation occasionally, but millions of Americans suffer from chronic constipation. However, sluggish bowels are more than just an annoyance. According to a 2012 study, chronic constipation can contribute to colon cancer risk.

You might be surprised to know your toilet could be one of the leading causes of your constipation. The seated posture closes off the anorectal angle, which leads to straining, constipation, incomplete evacuation, hemorrhoids and pelvic floor disorders.

A relaxed squat provides the best posture for healthy bowel movements, and you can achieve this angle with the help of the Squatty Potty, a specially designed ergonomic stool. By elevating the feet between seven and nine inches off the ground, the Squatty Potty relaxes the puborectalis muscle and straightens the anorectal angle to help you mimic a squat for full elimination. Plus, giving the gift of a Squatty Potty can lighten the mood and initiate an open conversation about colon health.

Couch to 5K Registration

Excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle are two colon cancer risk factors you can alter by increasing your level of physical activity. Exercising helps prevent colon cancer by improving circulation, lowering insulin levels in the blood and reducing inflammation.

Do you want to fight colon cancer together as a family? Go to and read about their Couch to 5K training program and race. On the website, you can access tips about training schedules, injury prevention and race gadgets to help you train effectively. Before you pay the registration fees, contact your doctor to verify this program is appropriate for you and your family members’ activity levels.

Kitchen Appliances to Encourage Nutritious Eating

Eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains lowers colon cancer risk. Purchase kitchen appliances that will encourage your family members to cook healthy meals at home instead of purchasing fast foods or prepared foods. You might want to consider these appliances:

  • A vegetable steamer — Whole foods cooked in a vegetable steamer retain their vitamins and minerals, flavor and aroma better than those that are microwaved or boiled.
  • A juicer — Even raw kale and spinach taste great when you juice them with other whole fruits and vegetables, and they’re great for digestion!
  • A yogurt maker—Yogurt contains billions of healthy microbes called probiotics. These tiny organisms take up residence in the colon and promote healthy digestion, elimination and immune function.

These gifts will enhance digestive wellness and promote a healthy holiday for your family. Colon cancer is mostly preventable through positive lifestyle changes and routine colonoscopies. Are you due for a colon screening? The American Cancer Society recently updated their guidelines and now recommends adults at average risk for colon cancer begin colon screening at age 45.

A colonoscopy is the most comprehensive type of colon cancer screening because it allows your gastroenterologist to view the entire colon for precancerous polyps and to remove any suspicious growths before they can become cancerous. Certain risk factors like family history could make you eligible for an early colonoscopy, so call your GI doctor today.

If you are not under the care of a fellowship-trained gastroenterologist, click here and call a physician at one of our treatment centers. A caring staff member can schedule you with the earliest possible appointment.

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