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Prioritize your digestive health this fall by reading the Butt Seriously Blog every week for colon cancer news, seasonal tips and menus.

The cool, crisp air of autumn beckons us to grab a blanket and curl up with a book, laptop or tablet, doesn’t it? Well-rounded readers select nonfiction material as well as fiction, so make a commitment to learn more about your digestive health.  Keep reading the Butt Seriously Blog as your one-stop resource for the most current GI news, colon cancer prevention advice, healthy living tips, and nutritious meal plans and recipes.

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Colon Cancer News

Our first blog category is Colon Cancer News. We are committed to sharing the latest news about colon cancer research and digestive wellness so you can stay informed about new treatments and studies. For example, did you know that colon cancer that affects the right side of the body is more challenging to treat than colon cancer on the left side? Also, did you know that the colonoscopy of the future could include artificial intelligence? We also use the News tab to inform you about updated guidelines regarding colon cancer screening.

Colon Cancer Prevention

Prevention articles give you specific information about how to actively prevent colon disease. Colon cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer death, but it is mostly preventable through routine colon screening, and it is more than 90 percent treatable when detected at an early stage.

One of the biggest challenges in combatting colon cancer is that many Americans are unaware of the importance of screening. Click here for 45 Reasons to Get a Colon Cancer Screening at Age 45.

Healthy Living Tips

Our Healthy Living Tips section helps you put your new knowledge into action. Before you host your next football party, read Healthy Alternatives for Tailgating Food Favorites. Go to the Healthy Living Tips section to find our monthly plans. One of the most recent meal plans focuses on helping your family to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. These articles make healthier choices seem easier and more fun.


After reading about the importance of healthy meals, you can find the tools and instructions to make those dishes that will nourish your body in our Recipe section. For example, perhaps you just bought turnips at the grocery store but don’t know how to prepare them. Search “turnips recipe” to find meals like our Herbed and Buttered Root Veggies for a rainbow of color and a healthy dose of fiber.

Or you may already be planning your Thanksgiving menu. In that case, search “Thanksgiving recipe” for healthy alternatives to the popular side dishes, and even some recipes on how to use leftover turkey! Make sure to always add the word “recipe” in the search bar.

Schedule a Colonoscopy

The most important location on the Butt Seriously Blog is the orange bar on the right side of the page that says Schedule an Appointment.  If you are 45 or older, the American Cancer Society recommends you schedule a colon cancer screening. The gold standard for colon screening is a colonoscopy because it allows your gastroenterologist to remove precancerous polyps before they develop into cancer. One screening could save your life.

Find a Gastroenterologist

There is still time to schedule your colonoscopy before the end of the year. Click here for a list of fellowship-trained gastroenterologists in your area.

Brew a cup of herbal tea and put on your fuzzy slippers. It’s time to show your digestive system some much-needed TLC by reading the Butt Seriously Blog during the fall and winter. Learn, get inspired and share the message of good health with a friend or family member. Better yet, write a Testimonial about your journey toward healthy living and share it on our page. Thank you for making your digestive wellness a priority.

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