Have a Personal Colon Cancer Story? Share it to Help Others

Rachel Morrell

Cancer survivor smiling

Colon cancer is one of the few diseases which can easily be prevented, but it is the third-leading cause of cancer death in the United States. One out of every three eligible American adults is not up-to-date on colon screenings due to lack of education or fear of the unknown.

For almost 150,000 Americans, saying no to a colonoscopy will come at a high cost. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 97,220 new cases of colon cancer and 43,030 new cases of rectal cancer this year.

If you have a personal story about how colon cancer has impacted your life, you can play a role in prevention by sharing with others. Have you recently had a colonoscopy? Have you or a family member been diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer or young-onset colon cancer? Have you acted as a caregiver for your parent on his or her colonoscopy screening day? Share your testimonial with our online community.

Millions of men and women have questions and fears about colonoscopies, and they are searching the internet for information. Your story could provide the hope, inspiration and courage that someone needs to get screened.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month does not have to be limited to the month of March.  Every month is a time to educate ourselves and our loved ones about the dangers of colon cancer and the availability of preventative screening.

Take a few moments to browse our testimonial page and read how colon cancer has affected individuals and families. You might just see a glimpse of your own story in their words.

If you are due for a colonoscopy but have questions about the procedure, connect with one of our colon cancer screening centers.

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