Patient Safety a Top Priority Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

June 9, 2020

COVID-19 has had far-reaching impacts on our lives, with medical procedures and surgeries deemed “elective” postponed in order to slow the virus’s spread. In reality, these procedures are far from optional: delaying medical interventions can result in increased health problems, such as later-stage cancer... read more

Will Daily Aspirin Prevent Colon Cancer or Threaten Health?

March 2, 2020

Taking daily aspirin could lower risk for colon cancer, according to an animal study published in Carcinogenesis.

We’ve all heard “an aspirin a day keeps the doctor away,” but aspirin may also keep cancer away. New City of Hope Hospital in Duarte,... read more

Doctors Can Lead by Example in Colon Cancer Screening

February 3, 2020

Patients are more likely to choose colorectal cancer screening if their doctor has been screened already and discloses this information to them.

A doctor’s recommendation is compelling when it comes to preventive screenings like colorectal cancer screenings, especially when the physician leads by example.... read more

Will Smith Has Polyp Removed During Colonoscopy

January 6, 2020

Colonoscopies save lives every day, and actor Will Smith can attest to that.

Smith, who first gained fame as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, decided to film his colonoscopy as a vlog for his fans. At the age of 51, he was due for a colonoscopy,... read more

Schedule Your Colonoscopy at 45 and Every Ten Years After

December 2, 2019

A new study confirms a minimum ten-year interval between colonoscopies offers optimum protection against colon cancer mortality.

In May 2018, the American Cancer Society revised its colon cancer screening recommendations, suggesting all adults at average risk for colorectal cancer should schedule an initial screening at age 45 instead... read more