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Lose Weight and Save Money in the New Year

Keri Tidwell

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Losing weight and saving money are top New Year’s resolutions for many Americans. A simple and effective way to combine these two goals is to take your lunch to work instead of eating out every day. A little forethought and preparation is all it takes to improve your health and increase your savings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, Americans spent $3,008 on restaurant meals and takeout compared with $4,015 on groceries (Fox Business). It might seem that $5-10 on a meal is not that expensive, but it adds up fast. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on overpriced meals that are loaded with sodium, saturated fat, sugar and preservatives, put that money in the bank and bring your lunch from home.

Here are some colon-healthy, economical lunch ideas to help you lose weight and save money this year:

1. Fix extras and pack leftovers. Double your dinner recipes and pack the leftovers for lunch the next day. The simplest way to ensure you have lunch prepared is to pack it the night before, right after dinner, or over the weekend. Last-minute lunch prep rarely happens.

For meal inspiration, try a few of the 1,700 recipes on the Colon-Healthy Recipes board on Pinterest.

2.Sandwiches are an easy lunch option. Use whole-grain bread or wrap. Add a serving of raw veggies and fruit, a cup of yogurt, and you have a complete meal. Here are some delicious and easy sandwiches and wraps you can make at home:

3.Salads are easily prepped using what you have on hand. Wash your greens immediately after bringing them home from the grocery and store in a container or bag. Each evening, fill a container with greens and toppings of your choice (hardboiled eggs, chopped ham or turkey, cheese, vegetables). Fill a small container with salad dressing. Try one of these tasty salads:

4. Make brown rice or quinoa bowls on the weekend for lunch during the week. These satisfying meals are high in fiber and protein. Plus, you can make one big batch over the weekend and have meals for the week.

One more easy lunch option is to make a pot of soup over the weekend to take for lunch during the week. Add some crusty whole-wheat bread, a side or salad, and a piece of fruit, and you have a healthy, hearty lunch! Here are some colon-healthy soups to try:

It is challenging to find healthy options at most restaurants, so save your health and your money by planning ahead and packing a lunch. Reclaim your health and your savings this year!

For these and other colon-healthy recipes, follow the Colon-Healthy Recipes board on Pinterest.

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