Colonoscopy Myths vs. Facts

Rachel Morrell

Colonoscopy Myths vs. Facts

Colon cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and many adults neglect to be screened because they don’t know the truth.

Here are some of the most popular myths and corresponding facts regarding colonoscopies:



You have to drink gallons of laxative solution to empty your bowel for your colonoscopy!

Volume varies by brand, but the split-dose prep allows you to drink half of the solution the night before your procedure and the other half on the morning of the procedure.

You cannot have anything but water on your prep day!

You may have clear liquids and can enjoy anything from strained broth to sodas, tea, coffee (no cream), popsicles, Gatorade, hard candy and Italian ice. *nothing can be red or purple

You’re not allowed to eat for days!

You will begin your fast the day before your procedure. If you have a morning appointment the following day, you can eat after you get home from your colonoscopy. It’s not that bad.

Colonoscopies HURT!

You will not even be awake for the procedure. Your sedative will make you sleep.

Take a few minutes to set the record straight about colonoscopies. You could end up saving a life!

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