Four Reasons to Schedule Yearend Health Appointments in 2018

Rachel Morrell

gastroenterologist holds notebook and digital gi tract

Now that the kids are in school, it’s time to schedule that GI appointment or procedure you’ve been delaying.

A gastroenterologist visit probably doesn’t sound as appealing as meeting a friend for coffee, but it’ll do more for your digestive health than an iced white chocolate mocha. Some of the most common conditions and procedures that require a GI visit include:

With only four months left in 2018, here are FOUR reasons that you should schedule an appointment with your gastroenterologist as soon as possible:

GI Doctors are in High Demand

A GI appointment can be challenging to obtain, and it usually requires some waiting on your part. Many health insurance plans require a referral from your primary care physician to authorize a specialist visit, so you may have to schedule an appointment with your general practitioner first.

One you get authorization, be prepared to wait again. According to a study by Aetna, the average wait time for an initial appointment with a gastroenterologist is 26 days.

The Procedure May Be Less Expensive Than You Planned

If you have already met your annual deductible, your colonoscopy or upper endoscopy may be much less expensive than you anticipated. A deductible is a set amount of money you are required to pay for covered medical expenses before your health insurance company starts to pay.

The only accurate way of determining whether you have met your deductible is to call your health insurance company and speak to Member Services. A representative will inform you whether you have met your deductible or if you are close to meeting your deductible.

Avoid the Holiday Rush

The Thanksgiving and winter holidays significantly reduce GI appointment availability. Also, most gastroenterologists only perform surgery on certain days of the week, so it’s essential that you schedule now. Remember, doctors take vacations too!

Scheduling your appointment or procedure today will open up your calendar so you won’t miss out on holiday parties and family events.

Get Relief Now, Not Later

Delaying a GI visit or surgery means you are not receiving treatment and the condition is probably getting worse. You may even be in pain. Take the time to schedule an appointment and care for yourself. Your digestive health is an important component of your overall wellbeing.

Connect with a GI Specialist

If you don’t like calling on the phone, you can schedule a GI visit by clicking your mouse. Just click here and select your state to see a list of our available centers. Find your preferred location and select “Schedule an Appointment.” After you submit your contact information, the GI Center will contact you.  Our board-certified gastroenterologists are receiving new patients and will provide you with the earliest available appointment.

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