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What’s Your Story Typed on Paper

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer or have recently had a colonoscopy, we want to hear your story.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to focus on breast cancer education, screening and prevention. Of all the awareness initiatives we observe throughout the year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month seems to receive an extra helping of attention and cooperation on local and national levels. Here at Stop Colon Cancer Now, we want to tap into that same sort of enthusiasm about colon cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Success

You may wonder why breast cancer fundraising and awareness campaigns are so successful. Perhaps the national support of “Pinktober” is rooted in the power of personal narrative. Story has been an important part of human culture from the beginning of time. From oral tradition to the written word, a story has the power to shape our thinking and behavior. Most importantly, story can influence a response.

Take a moment to visit the Breast Cancer Stories of Inspiration on the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Page, and you’ll understand. There are hundreds of stories, each with a photo of a beautiful mother, sister, friend, aunt or daughter who fought breast cancer bravely and courageously shares her journey. These heartfelt stories motivate women to get mammograms and encourage their friends and family members to get screened. The testimonials also generate increased levels of online activity about breast cancer during October and continue to inspire support throughout the entire year.

Share Your Colon Cancer or Colonoscopy Story

The Butt Seriously Blog would like to honor breast cancer survivors and remind all women (and men) to talk to their doctors about when they should schedule a colon cancer screening. In May 2018, the American Cancer Society revised its recommendation for first-time colon screenings from age 50 to age 45 for adults who are at average risk for colon cancer.

Has colon cancer touched your life? Our community needs to hear your story. Your personal experience with colon cancer could inspire someone who has just received a colon cancer diagnosis or who is beginning treatment for the disease. Maybe you just had your first colonoscopy, and you could share a funny moment from that day. Your humorous anecdote could give someone the courage to make an appointment for a life-saving screening.

We invite you to visit our Stop Colon Cancer Now Testimonials page and read inspiring stories from people like Karen, Larry and Kevin. While you’re there, on the right side of the page in the green box, you can write your testimonial or share someone else’s story in one of the following categories:

  • Colonoscopy Stories
  • Survivor Stories
  • In Honor of

It’s not easy to share about your deepest struggles and fears, but your courage will motivate others. Author and speaker Brene Brown says, “Vulnerability is the core of the human experience.” When you are willing to open up about something as personal as colon cancer, people will listen and respond. Your voice will make a difference, and it could even save a life.

Find a GI Screening Center

You can do your part in preventing colon cancer by scheduling an appointment for a colonoscopy with one of our fellowship-trained gastroenterologists. Our doctors are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate and are experts in colon cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Click here to get a list of GI screening centers near your home.

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