Location Considerations for Scheduling a Colonoscopy


Outpatient procedures like colonoscopies are generally performed at either hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) or outpatient surgery centers.


Benefits to Scheduling a Colonoscopy at a Surgery Center

The average cost for a colonoscopy at a surgery center is often significantly less than a colonoscopy at a hospital. According to Healthcare Bluebook, a colonoscopy with no biopsy averages about $1,600 at a surgery center versus more than $3,000 at a hospital.


Surgery centers provide pricing information before the procedure, not after

Personalized Care

Targeted services in a smaller setting that feels more like home

Easy Access

Since surgery centers focus on a limited number of procedures, navigation is much easier than in a typical hospital environment

Comfortable Environment

Pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with convenient parking

High Satisfaction Rate

Surveys reveal a 92 percent satisfaction rate among surgery center patients

Unless you have a health condition that requires access to a full-service hospital, you can receive a colonoscopy of identical quality with increased convenience and savings at a surgery center.

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