Colonoscopy Prep Tips that You Need to Know



When it comes time to get a colonoscopy, it’ll be a no-brainer for me. I’m going to schedule one. I’m not 40 yet, but I’ve already had two mammograms. When I found out that my health insurance company paid for a mammogram each year but did not have any age requirement, I flashed my insurance card and signed the dotted line. I have four kids, and they depend on me to stay healthy so I can take care of them!

But just like anyone else, I get nervous when I have to have a new test or screening. I want to know how uncomfortable a procedure will be and how I should prepare for it. My favorite thing to do is to ask friends to share about their experience so I can benefit from their advice. Getting my first colonoscopy will be no different. Spare no details! Just tell me everything.

The Colon Cancer Alliance is a fantastic resource for all colon-related topics. One of my favorite pages is their Colonoscopy Prep Tips. Here are a few of the funny, practical tips that real people have shared to help people like you and me to have a positive colonoscopy experience and ease our anxiety.

 One complaint that people have is how hungry they are on the prep day. Clear liquids are not very filling, so Glenda B. has this tip:

  • For supper, my husband heats up a can of chicken noodle soup and strains out the chicken and noodles. Tastes better than broth.

It might be a good idea for the rest of the family to go out to dinner on the night before your procedure. Nancy M. says:

  • Don’t let anybody cook anything. You can’t eat, and when you smell food, it makes you so hungry. 

Other people complain about the taste of the prep solution. Lynn B advises:

  • Mixing the Golytely with Orange Crystal light by the glass makes it so much more tolerable.

Prep solutions are meant to make you “go,” and it can take its toll on your derriere. Ashley H. says,

  • WET TOILET PAPER/BABY WIPES. Towards the end, your bum will be pretty sore. You will be happy to have some on hand. 

More advice for sore bottoms from Shanna B:

  • Diaper rash ointment!! You will get pretty sore. Use it right from the beginning and you will prevent the pain! 

Amy Jo E. has a great sense of humor and gives this suggestion:

  • Oh, don’t forget to “write” a nice note on your tush to surprise your doc. Hilarious!

Don’t let jitters keep you from getting a colonoscopy. By talking to friends about their colonoscopies, you can glean many prep tips from their experiences so that you can be confident and informed for your first procedure. Remember, it’s just one day of your life, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. You can do this, and so can I! I’m not saying that I am looking forward to my first colonoscopy, but when it’s time, I will be armed with plenty of tips and suggestions to put to good use!