5 Tips to Conquer the Colonoscopy Prep



We all know how getting a colonoscopy can save lives. But the minute we hear the word “colonoscopy,” our minds immediately think about the prep that must be taken to clear out the colon. An article from Men’s Health offers five tips and tricks that can make the prep day more comfortable:

  1. Modify your menu: before taking the bowel prep, you need to spend a day on a clear diet of easily digestible liquids to help clear out the colon. Broth and Jell-O are some of the approved foods, but you can also have Italian ice, coffee and hard candies to shake up your flavor palette.
  2. Diaper rash cream is not just for kids: as unpleasant as this may sound, you might experience something akin to a diaper rash as a result of the bowel prep. Diaper rash cream can help with this irritation.
  3. Stay busy: a good tip for the day when you’re taking bowel prep is to stay home and stay busy. Plan an activity or project that will keep you moving for most of the day. The more you move around, the better your stomach empties.
  4. Keep the liquids coming: need a way to make the prep taste better? Try mixing it with some Crystal Light, and chase it with cranberry juice. Also have plenty of water handy.
  5. Make your bathroom more entertaining: you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Why not move your TV in there? Or keep some books handy. Whatever can make that time move faster and maybe offer you some distraction is highly encouraged.

These tips are great ways to make your prep day slightly more enjoyable, and if all goes well with your colonoscopy, you won’t have to do that again for another 10 years!

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