Colonoscopy Costs

North Jersey Cost of Colonoscopy

Everyone is concerned about money, especially when it comes to healthcare. However, the price tag of a colonoscopy should not deter you from undergoing this potentially life-saving procedure.

Understanding your financial obligations for a colonoscopy can help bring peace of mind.

The costs of a colonoscopy mostly depends on the type of colonoscopy. There are three different types of colonoscopies: colonoscopy (screening), colonoscopy (no biopsy) and colonoscopy (biopsy).

Screening Colonoscopy

A screening colonoscopy is a colonoscopy performed on an asymptomatic (no symptoms) patient who is of screening age or falls under the screening guidelines in order to exam for polyps that could cause colon cancer.

Colonoscopy (no biopsy) and Colonoscopy (biopsy)

Both a colonoscopy with or without a biopsy is classified as a diagnostic colonoscopy, because the patient is not of screening age and/or the procedure is requested when symptoms are present or when another screening procedure comes back positive.

Average North Jersey Colonoscopy Costs

A second factor in colonoscopy costs is where the procedure is performed, because costs varies per state. Empower yourself and become an educated patient. Know the average costs for each type of colonoscopy costs, and talk to your health insurance provider to make sure you will be paying equal to or less than the fair price for the North Jersey area.

Colonoscopy (Screening)

According to the Healthcare Bluebook, the fair price for a colonoscopy screening in New Jersey is around $1,952.

Colonoscopy (No Biopsy)

That $1,952 price tag does not change much if the procedure is a colonoscopy with no biopsy.

Colonoscopy (With Biopsy)

The price jumps when a biopsy is performed; the charges are about $2,200.