Wed 5/6

Keeping Up With The Kolonoscopy: A Colonoscopy Reality Web Series

StopColonCancerNow.com presents a 5-week colonoscopy web series where one 50-year-old, John Grant, shares his journey of getting the recommended screening for colon cancer for the first time.

Episode 3 #gojohnnygo

The family gets “behind” John

When John Grant turns 50 and schedules his colonoscopy, he knows it is the only screening that can both detect and prevent colon cancer – In fact, colon cancer is 90 percent preventable if caught early.

John’s lighthearted family loves a good joke, but they all know how serious colon cancer can be.

In this episode of “Keeping up with the Kolonoscopy,” we learn that on Mary Grant’s side of the family, there is a history of colon cancer. Watch the video to see what that means and how it helps motivate John to get his own screening.

Make Sure Everyone Is Keeping Up