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"Colonoscopy For Dummies" Available For Free Download

The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) and Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. have partnered to offer colonoscopy patients easy-to-understand information in “Colonoscopy For Dummies.” The book, which can be downloaded for free at, sheds light on the procedure, which is used to screen for colon cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases, giving patients details on everything from how to plan for colonoscopy to what happens afterward and everything in between. The book also clarifies some common misconceptions about colonoscopy, such as feeling pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Colon cancer will be responsible for an estimated 51,000 deaths in the United States this year, but with regular colonoscopies, that number could be significantly reduced. During a colonoscopy, a thin, flexible tube with a camera attached to the end is guided around the bends of the colon, allowing a doctor to examine the walls of the colon for precancerous growths called polyps. One of the biggest advantages to colonoscopy compared to other colon cancer screening methods is its ability to detect and remove polyps before they turn into cancer, thus decreasing the patient’s risk of developing the disease.

If you’re 50 and haven’t had a colonoscopy yet, get one now! Click here to find a screening center near you.

posted on December 31, 1969 in news