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Grape Seed Extract: The New Colon Cancer Treatment?

Grape Seed Extract: The New Colon Cancer Treatment?

Grapes, Grape seed, colon cancerAs Americans eat more saturated fat and exercise less, doctors are seeing a significant increase in the cases of colon cancer.  Unfortunately, the colonoscopy rate is not corresponding with the increased diagnoses, and many cases of colon cancer go untreated. More than sixty percent of patients diagnosed with colon cancer already have advanced stages of the disease. 

One common treatment for colon cancer is chemotherapy, but the challenge with chemotherapy is that it only targets very specific types of cancer cells. For each type of cancer cell, there may be up to 11,000 mutations which makes chemotherapy less effective. Recently, studies have shown that grape seed extract might be the newest advancement in colon cancer treatment. Grape seed extract comes from the crushed seeds of red wine grapes and is used to treat many diseases besides cancer. Grape seed extract is a safe and natural and full of antioxidants.   

Molly Derry, doctoral candidate and professor at the Skaggs school of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences made some astounding discoveries with grape seed extract. While stronger chemotherapy is required to kill stage IV cancer cells as opposed to stage II, using grape seed extract is exactly opposite. What Derry found was that it took 50 percent less grape seed extract to kill stage IV cancer cells than to kill stage II cancer cells.  Grape seed extract contains bioactive compounds that equip it to target multiple mutations. This is such promising news because many types of cancer mutations are resistant to chemotherapy (Source: Medical News Today). 

Here’s to natural remedies from Mother Earth!  We hope to find out more about the benefits of grape seed extract and share them with you in the future. 

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posted on March 25, 2013 in news