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Real-Life Stories of Young Onset Colon Cancer Survivors

Real-Life Stories of Young Onset Colon Cancer Survivors

Sometimes, a testimonial or video can make flat statistics and infographics come to life. sat down with three individuals who were all under the age of 50 when they got their colon cancer diagnosis. They felt healthy and normal, and never suspected that they had young onset colon cancer. Thanks to early diagnosis, all three are cancer-free today. But now they have a story to tell: pay attention to your body and get a colonoscopy.

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According to statistics, colon cancer incidence increases around the age of 50. For this reason, men and women who are at average risk for colon cancer should schedule a baseline colonoscopy at 50. Colon polyps are not limited by age, though, and young onset colon cancer is increasing at an alarming rate.

Because colon cancer often has no symptoms in the early stages, it is quite difficult to diagnose. If symptoms do present, a bleeding polyp in a young person can easily be mistaken for hemorrhoids, which are inconvenient but not necessarily dangerous. When polyps are left to grow, they can become cancerous and life-threatening.

By the year 2034, young onset colon cancer is expected to increase by 124 percent, so it is essential that we all are committed to education and awareness. You are never too young for colon cancer. One of the most important aspects of awareness is being conscious of any changes in your body and habits. Because most young people are not eligible for a colonoscopy, being in tune with your body may be your best resource.

Take a moment to watch these videos and share them with a friend or family member. Colon cancer can affect anyone regardless of age, race, gender, body type, and level of activity, so give the gift of conversation. Talk about colon cancer with those you love. Be aware, and don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

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posted on March 4, 2016 in news