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Colon cancer continues to be the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States. There is not a single American that has not been affected by cancer somehow. While many other cancers are not preventable, colon cancer is unique in that it is preventable through screening and highly treatable when found in the early stages.

Even though many Americans are aware of the benefits of colon cancer screening, more than half of eligible men and women do not choose to be screened for colon cancer. One of the most common reasons for not being screened is a lack of education about the importance of screenings. Many individuals neglect to visit their primary care physicians for annual physicals where their doctors will prompt them to schedule a colonoscopy. Others may ignore warning signs for colon cancer because of an aversion to doctors or a lack of knowledge about the gravity of the disease.

There are over 1 million colon cancer survivors in the United States. These men, women and young people are counted among the bravest, strongest and most courageous because of their determination and fortitude. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with colon cancer, or if you have been affected by colon cancer in some way, we need to hear your story. Sharing your experience may educate one of our readers on the importance of colon screenings. Your story could inspire someone to tell a friend or family member to schedule a colonoscopy.

You could change a life by writing a few sentences and clicking “Submit.” Take a few moments to read some of our Testimonials, and consider writing one of your own.  Reading someone else’s story may prompt you to call that friend or family member who has experienced colon cancer and ask him or her to submit a testimonial.  With your help, we can take this preventable, treatable disease out of the running for one of the leading causes of cancer death. Thank you in advance for this gift of life and of hope!

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posted on August 5, 2015 in news