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gareth - springfield

I have the FAP gene which almost insures that I will get colon cancer.  I have a medical degree but I’m still reluctant to get a colonoscopy because of the “sedation”’s often patient-abuse not something to “relax the patient”....and if I need “conscious sedation”, I will demand an anesthesiologist, not a “trained” nurse (CRNA)...sure CRNA are fine if nothing goes wrong; but they are unsafe if something does go wrong..the local endo center scheduled me for colonoscopy and promised anesthesiologist-only care..on the day of the exam, only a nurse/crna was available and she didn’t know didly about “anesthesia” I refusedto put my life at risk with a nurse acting as an anesthesiologist….....since then I have been promised a “real” anesthesiologist” npt a CRNA (nurse) since I’m a doc and “we” get the qualified providers not nurses…I will never get any procedure requiring sedation or anesthesia unless a real anesthiologist does the case 1:1 without any crna involvement.  I have seen too many CRNA cases end up very badly for the unfortunate patient

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