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Rachel - Denver

I am one of the many thousands of people who really NEED a colonoscopy and cannot get one because my insurance will not cover a screening - they will only cover a diagnostic colonoscopy. And, as an aside, if someone has a screening and they do find polyps, you bet they have to pay for the removal and exam of those polyps which can be expensive. I am 51, have ulcerative colitis (symptom-free) with a history of precancerous polyps because of the ulcerative colitis. I can’t get a screening DESPITE the fact that I am over 50 and I have a much HIGHER risk of getting colon cancer! Why not provide colonoscopies for people who REALLY NEED THEM IN ORDER TO PREVENT CANCER! So, I cannot afford to get a much-needed diagnostic colonoscopy - anywhere! This is cruel and evil.

I also forgot to add how ironic this whole thing is: I am a medical professional as well and no one in the medical profession will help me get a diagnostic colonoscopy for ulcerative colitis. How sick this is!

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