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Amy - Rougemont

June 1, 2010 my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at the age of 39.  To say that we were devastated is an understatement.  We had three young girls and of course, they were our first concern.  During the entire ordeal we never lost hope.  Optimism and a good attitude kept us going.  We chose to deal by joking and laughing because laughter kept the tears away.  My husband endured 4 surgeries and too many treatments to count.  He continued to work almost up to his death on October 3, 2013.  He was the absolute bravest person that I have ever met.  I am honored to be able to say he was my husband.  In the end, his body just couldn’t endure any more.  I cherish every moment that I had with him.

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