In Honor Of

Anyone who has been touched by colon cancer knows the importance of a strong support system. As we continue the fight to eliminate this disease all together, join us in recognizing those we've lost, and those who have helped, along the way.



from Green Bay, WI

My husband had been sick for nearly 3 years with stomach problems. In the beginning, we took him to the hospital on two occasions. At that time, he stayed sick for nearly a month. They gave him an IV saying he was dehydrated and had a “virus”. You see, we had no insurance so they treated his symptoms but they never looked to see what was causing them. That was the beginning of his end. He continued to have stomach problems but refused to go see a Dr again. On January 27th I called 911 because we thought he was having...

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Lea - Olmsted Falls


from Olmsted Falls, OH

My father always had bowel issues, but we never really took it seriously.  It was just how he was.  Then when he was 66, he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  The Veteran’s Hospital ruled that his diabetes and cancer was caused by exposure to Agent Orange during Vietnam.  Despite being given six-months to live, he enjoyed nearly 2 1/2 years with us.  He passed at age 68, just months after ending chemo.  My mother went directly from caring for my father to caring for her own 84-year-old mother who was struggling with her own...

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Christie - Dadeville


from Dadeville, AL

We lost him after 6 yrs of colon cancer that would not go away he was only 45 when he passed and had twin boys who were 6 yrs old,we done everything to try to stop the cancer but it had him and would not let go no one not even your worst enemy should suffer from cancer like he did but he always had a smile and always spent time with his twin boys all he ever said was i hope i live long enough to see them get grown even though he isnt here i remind themdaily he is...

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Connie - Londonderry


from Londonderry, OH

In October, 2004, my sister Cherie began complaining of a back ache. She saw several doctors who basically told her she was “drug seeking” and turned her away. One even told her to see a psychiatrist. In March 2005, she was diagnosed with “cancer of unknown origin”. Her doctor told her to go home and spend time with her family. There was nothing he could do for her. In June, 2006, she had an aneurysm and was sent to Rush Memorial in Chicago. During her hospital stay they did a colonoscopy where they found the primary source, a very rare and agressive...

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Karol  - Hermitage


from Hermitage, TN

I have been working for Associates in Gastroenterology for the past 18 years.  During that time I have only seen compassion and caring for all of our patients, but a special emphasis has always been toward trying educate and to screen early to be able to detect this deadly disease before it was to late.  Our staff has jumped on board with this effort by working diligently each year in March to support Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  This year with the efforts of our bake sale and cookbook sale we raised for the second year in a...

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