Patients, survivors, friends and family say it best. The following testimonials were submitted by people whose lives have been touched by colon cancer. Whether a story of survival, a story in honor of someone who has battled this disease, or a first person account of a colonoscopy – we invite you to share your story. You can submit your story by filling out the “Tell Us Your Story” form to the right.

Because of the impact your story can have on colon cancer prevention, we will make a five dollar donation to The V Foundation for Cancer Research for every story submitted. Together with ESPN, famed college basketball coach, Jimmy Valvano, formed the foundation in 1993 before losing his own battle with cancer. His foundation’s focus on saving lives by finding cures for cancer is a mission that complements ours. To date, 16 grants and more than 2.2 million dollars have been awarded directly to colon cancer funding.

Just as Coach Jimmy V dreamt of finding cures for cancer, we too are a part of the fight to eliminate this disease. Thank you for sharing your story. It really can make a difference.

Colleen - Vestavia


from Vestavia, AL

I was 43 when diagnosed with colon cancer. I thought I was perfectly healthy until hearing that.  I only had a symptom of blood in my stool and it was enough that alarmed me something was wrong. After a trip to the ER then a colonoscopy where it was discovered.  I had a colon resection and then some chemo and radiation. A few months later started having some neck/headache type pain and the cancer was in my brain.  I had brain surgery to remove that tumor and then had cyberknife radiation and chemo again.  I...

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from Baltimore, MD

My mother of 45 years old is currently battling stage 4 Colon Cancer. Here is how her abrupt story began: A few weeks before Christmas, my mother was experiencing bowel issues, and her shirts were becoming abnormally tighter. So, my father of 49 years old took her to the ER. My mom underwent scans, and come to find out she had a 12 inch tumor. So, she was emitted for surgery the following few days. My mom is anemic and her blood level was extremely low, so in order to have surgery she had 8 blood transfusions within 5 days. A week later, the doctor...

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Staci - Charlotte


from Charlotte, NC

Nate was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 21. Over his 2.5 year battle, he fought to raise awareness and started his own foundation, Relentless Against Cancer, to raise money in the hopes of helping others fighting cancer with the dream of one day living in a cancer free world.

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Lesa - Moline


from Moline, IL

Delivered the cancer diagnoses 1/7/2007.  Stage of cancer initially wrong, given 2 1/2 yrs by local doc.  I went for 2nd opinion…saved my life. God got me where I needed to be and got me through 5 wks chemo and radiation, surgery 5/21/2007,6 more months of chemo. Now 7 1/2 years later I feel so blessed and grateful daily.  My husband and I get to share watching our 2 sons become wonderful men.

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from Florence, SC

I am the assistant sports editor for the Morning News in Florence, S.C. Here is a link to a column I wrote recently about my colon cancer “adventure.”


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