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Carla - Washington

In December 2007, a few days before the holiday. I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. I had always been a healthy eater and exercised, wasn’t over weight nor did I eat red meat. I was 38 yrs old and healthy.
In the summer on 2007, I had been experiencing pain in my abdomen and shortness of breath for and most a year. I had gone to a local doctor to see what the issues were. He sent ne home on Vitron-C and told me that I was just anemic.
As time went by the symptoms worsen and I ended up in the hospital dehydrated and with a great loss of blood. I never had visible blood in my stool. But, while I was receiving blood transfusions the doctor requested a Hemotologist to see me. She came in and right away ordered a colonoscopy due to my symptoms. After, being released from the hospital I had the colonoscopy and it revealed a large tumor. In February 2008, I had a partial colectemy which removed a large portion of my colon. I took 10 months of chemotherapy (Xeloda) and this year marks 7 years being free of camcer. It wasn’t easy with 2 surgeries in between. I’m so thankful for God allowing me to see my husband and children. I became an advocate for my own health and now for other people going thru cancer. Not, knowing my husband would be going thru stage IV colon and intestinal cancer in 2011. It was a long road for him but, he is now cancer free and we share our story with the surrounding communities and live everyday to the fullest. Whatever, you do be your own advocate over your health. God Bless!

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