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Colleen - Vestavia

I was 43 when diagnosed with colon cancer. I thought I was perfectly healthy until hearing that.  I only had a symptom of blood in my stool and it was enough that alarmed me something was wrong. After a trip to the ER then a colonoscopy where it was discovered.  I had a colon resection and then some chemo and radiation. A few months later started having some neck/headache type pain and the cancer was in my brain.  I had brain surgery to remove that tumor and then had cyberknife radiation and chemo again.  I also had a spot in a lymph node that I had radiation for.  I will win this battle and I thank God for every day. I have 2 boys and a supportive husband.  I know God has a purpose for me and I believe it’s to help others as often as I can. I have seen the most caring, supportive, friends, family and strangers come together to help me and my family.  I believe everyone should get a colonoscopy before 50. This does not run in my family.  Those are the worst words you can hear - you have cancer.

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