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Kevin R - Mays Landing

I was working on June 9th 2016 when I slipped and fell on my hip. They called the ambulance were they took me to Insrpair Hospital to check my left hip they took a cat scan and found a large soft tissue mass in my colon. The next day went to occupational Health to go back to work. But the doctor there read the report and told me what they found . The next week had a colonoscopy and they found the Cancer in my colon at the VA Hospital in Wilmington. And they schedule pet CT whole body scan and found that I had two tumor’s in the backside of my liver in the inside of my liver,and a tumor in my colon. The two tumor’s in my liver were the sizes ,one has big as a marble ,and the other one was big as a pabble. And the one in my colon was a big as 3 1/2 inches big. Well Penn Medicine Cancer Research Hospital and VA Hospital Doctor’s put on the strongest chemo treatment had 4 Chemo Treatments all the tumor’s shrunk so that they could to surgery. They did surgery and got all of the Cancer cells out. Had surgery on November 29th. And now I’m finishing my Chemo treatments have 3 left. And on April 14th is my last Chemo Treatment. And now I’m a Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survivor!.

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