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Margie - Franklin

I was I around 43 when I started getting stomach pains.  I truly believed it was bolero syndrome due to stress.  It went on for a while until I could no longer take the pain.  Due to my age I was misdiagnosed and ended up having a full hysterectomy .  During a cat scan on the colon it showed nodules on my lung.  Due to the location they were unable to do a biopsyy. A pet scan was done and two tumors showed up one increctum one in colon and cancer in lung. Turned out I had stage 4 Colin cancer that traveled to my lung.  Because of the tumor sized they estimated the cancer to have been with me for around ten years. My sister who is two years younger then me hit tested and was diagnosed with colon cancer as well .  Together we helped each other battle this awful disease.  I under went chemo for 6 months.  During this time it was very stressful and sad.  However, laughter is the best t medicine. I tried laughing as much as possible   It am in my fourth year of remission and feel great.

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