Survivor Stories

You say it best. As a colon cancer survivor, your story is an inspiration to all who read it, and the impact it can have is limitless. Thanks for sharing.

Becky - Duluth


from Duluth, MN

I am a colon cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage 3 six years ago. I had a colon resection and 6 months of chemo and have been clean since finishing treatments.

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Steve - Carrollton


from Carrollton, TX

I’ve been a GI nurse since 1990, and it still affects me negatively when I hear that we found colon cancer in one of our patients.  But on this occasion, it was Juan; a loving, caring, giving man, who is my wife’s uncle, my daughters godfather, and my best friend.  My heart sank when his wife told me.  I sobbed because I knew what he and his family was about to go through.  Juan and his family suffered and struggled through this very hard time with radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and surgery.  It took...

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shannon - knoxville


from knoxville, TN

When I was 24 I was in the US Navy and my biological mom called me out of the blue and tour me I needed to be checked for colon cancer.  It was extremely hereditary in that side of my family.  I had an aunt that had it and my grandfather had it.  But it wasn’t con cancer that killed them, my aunt eventually died of liver cancer and my grandfather of brain cancer.   So I went and got checked and she enough I was the next generation to have the disease.  I ended...

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from Lillington, NC

My doctor suggested when I turned 50 that I get a colonoscopy.  I am very healthy, always have been, so I ignored the suggestion.  3 months after my 51st birthday, I presented symptoms and went to the Emergency Room.  The hospital performed a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with Stage 1, T2 colon cancer.  It had started to get into my colon wall but did not get into any lymph nodes.  I praise God that it was caught early and removed.  My “doctors”, All of them, tell me that it was because I am in the...

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from Queens, NY

I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in July of 2010, at that time I had 6 inches of my colon removed, along with 15 lymph nodes. After a Biopsy it was decided it was stage 2 and Chemo would not be necessary. Well Low and behold the Cancer reared it’s ugly head again and in Feb. of 2013 it was diagnosed as stage 4 colon cancer it had found my liver. It turned out after a PT Scan I had 3 lesions on my liver, we started chemo to shrink the lesions and on July 11, 2013 had liver re sectioning. Will be back on Chemo now...

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